My Pictorial History (2): Burnley Boy

BB rosegrove
Rosegrove Infants, c.1982
BB - Daimo_Medium
7 Arran Street, the family home from 1984-97
BB IMG_20200626_083553
Mum & Dad down the club – bingo & beer

BB IMG_20200626_083656

BB IMG_20200626_083737
Showing off my early football skills at Pwlleli Butlins
BB IMG_20190515_173658723_HDR-EFFECTS
The old, industrial heart of Burnley, beside the River Brun

BB IMG_20200626_200845

BB 20200618_120141

BB _20200618_115432
Under 15s County Schoolboy – the only boy from Burnley that year

BB 20200618_115407

BB IMG_0360
My favorite eaterie ever – Yips Chips on Accy Road – sadly missed!

BB IMG_20200625_223943

Work experience at the Burnley Express, 1992 – I was born a poet, not a journalist (or footballer)

BB _20200618_115716

BB 20200618_120117


BB 20200618_115918


The first XI of the Habergham Sixth Form
BB IMG_20200625_224339
After a few months at Habergham & a bit of strife with mi mum, I dropped out & went to stay with Michel in London for a few months – my wanderings had begun!

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