My Pictorial History 3: Carlisle

CC IMG_20160323_154826283
BB IMG_20200626_083410
My first girlfriend, Jane Holdworth, with my beloved Grandma Joan, c.1993
CC - newquay
With Jane, best mate Nicky & a load of Jane’s pals, Newquay 1994
CD _20200615_195328
After Janes dad got a job teaching in Sanqhuar, we set up home in a bedsit together late ’94 – flat 6, 6 Chatsworth Square – from where we attended Carlilse College
One of my earliest paintings
CD _20200618_114228
By Eli

CD 20200618_114205


CD 20200618_114747

CD _20200615_204453
My band, Sphere – top left author, David Mark, top right famous online music teacher Scott Devine

CD _20200618_114502

CD IMG_20200626_204036

CD 20200615_204138

CD _20200618_114631

CD 20200615_205440
A young Byran Dick, future actor, in the audience
After the gig

CD 20200618_114144



CD 20200618_114933

CD 20200618_114913

CD 20200618_114351

CD IMG_20200623_164840

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