My Pictorial History 4: Acid Daze

DA IMG_20200623_162307
One of numerous psychedelic sketches & drawings made in 1996 – a year drench’d in LSD

DA IMG_20200626_205731

DA IMG_20200626_205757.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_205847.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_210244

DA IMG_20200626_210703.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_210801

DA IMG_20200626_210846.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_211231

DA IMG_20200626_211017.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_211203.jpg
My ‘contacts’ list in the days before mobile phones
DD IMG_20180531_082721147_HDR.jpg
Off to uni & a Popular Music Studies BA at Barnsley – I moved into 66 Sackville Street – my room was in the attic room above facing the street in the photo
DD IMG_20160323_150238056
Me & Chris Baldy – Kula Shaker is probably on in the background – one of my paintings in the bottom left corner (all are now lost)

DD IMG_20200626_201930

DD IMG_20200626_203340.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203414

DD IMG_20200626_204009.jpg
Forge FM in Sheffield: I used to DJ/MC a late night weekend slot after partying hard

DD IMG_20200626_203506

DD _20200618_120518.jpg

DDA IMG_20200626_211457.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203929
Weekend ‘Wind-Up’ & ‘Wind-Down’ – inbetween was the rave around Sheffield

DD IMG_20200626_203843.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203825

DD IMG_20200626_203800


DD IMG_20200626_203727.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203619

DD IMG_20200626_203528.jpg



One thought on “My Pictorial History 4: Acid Daze”

  1. Hey Damo.

    Geoff pointed my browser towards your site.. great stuff many fond and forgotten memories. In a bizarre coincidence, my mate found a load of my old photos TODAY of this band.. our first gig and a couple of casettes.
    We look like babies! I haven’t checked the tapes!

    Hope you’re well!
    Call me anytime for a catch up!

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