My Pictorial History (5) : The Death of Shelley

My first proper poem…
FF IMG_20200623_155621
Me at 21
My travle kit – for my first ever adventure abroad


FF IMG_20160321_172943914.jpg
My notebook for the poem – bought in Florence
I begaqn composing the poem in Florence

FF Pisa (4)

FF 14359196_1721748104816805_2401129258123405503_n.jpg


FF Pisan Sunset (2).jpg

FF 14364787_1721747884816827_908685614564852987_n
In Pisa – 2017
FF DSC01225
Byrons grottto, Portovenere, 2012
The clifftop wher mu soul fused with poetry
FF portovenere (2).jpg
The Norman church, Portovenere

FF porto_2

Viareggio – the beach where Shelley’s bopdy was washed up
FF DSC01050
In Rome 2011
FF IMG_20160321_173121200
The Forte Prenestina in Ropme – my base for the final stanzas

FF II Photo-0271.jpg

FF 44362670_2198932933764984_3673526850149154816_o.jpg
At the fort in 2018
FF 44359190_2198933047098306_7529469203401670656_o
Insdide the fort in 2018 with Michael Beeson
Revisiting Shelley’s grave, 2009
FF Photo-0261.jpg
The grave of Keats – the Protestant Cemetery, Rome
Revisiting Shelley’s grave, 2017

FF The Death of Shelley - 2 (2)

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