My Pictorial History (6) – The Sable Rose

EE big_ben (2).jpg

Visiting my unofficial godson in London in 1998, Adam, son of Nichola & Lee, fans of Sphere, my Carlisle band
Tim & Alison – a couple who befriended me in Portsmouth, 1998-1999


EE IMG_20200623_175048.jpg

A portrait of me by Alison
EE IMG_20160323_145923529
EE 20151223_180736.jpg
Odd Job Man – Portsmouth
ee IMG_20200624_132247.jpg
Jamming with Pete & Tim
GA IMG_20200626_201818.jpg
Tim getting caught fare evading in Portsmouth

GA IMG_20200701_055209.jpg

First class fare evader

GA IMG_20200624_132234

GA IMG_20200701_055044
Working on THE SABLE ROSE – my first ever major poem – a 140-strong sonnet sequence
GA Busking in Chichester (2).jpg
Busking in Chichester
GA IMG_2020624_131459
One of the pictorial images Tim & Alison created for my sonnets

ga IMG_20200624_132158.jpg

GA IMG_20200624_131319
My handwritten, mud-coated line-up for Glastonbury 1998

GA IMG_20200624_131827.jpg

GA Benevenuto

EE - IMG_20160321_165714110
Burnley 1 Blackpool 0 – 28/11/98 – from a poem published in the Burnley Express

GA _20200624_132318

EE - IMG_20160321_165550782.jpg
Sonnetically remembering a trip from Burnley to Amsterdam with the lads in 1998

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