My Pictorial History (7) : Brighton


GG IMG_20160104_124255334
My Brighton band – Chris Baldy from Barnsley College was on guitar
GA 65555321_2382490292075913_5502569631275024384_o.jpg
My favorite walk was the Brighton to Lewes over the Downs hike & back – the photo is looking back on Brighton
GA 65597270_2382507252074217_5821868366326923264_o.jpg
Descending into Lewes with Emily, 2019
GH IMG_20200701_055423
My trainjumping map for 2000 – I was approaching the peak of my UK skillset
GG IMG_20200625_094802.jpg
My Brighton girlfriend, Kate, in the bath


GG IMG_20200626_170942
With gran & best mate Nick, summer 2000
GG IMG_20200701_055259
The evolution of Testamundi Imperatrix, my Keatsian ode to the British empire, composed in Brighton 1999-2000

GG Imperatrix (2)

GG Imperatrix 2 (2).jpg

GG IMG_20160322_090934243

GG Imperatrix 3

GG IMG_20200701_055318.jpg
Getting caught shoplifting red wine in Brighton

GG IMG_20200701_055331.jpg

GH IMG_20200701_055423

GH IMG_20160323_095303795
My trip to Provence & the start of Axis & Allies, May 2000

Gh IMG_20160322_084400272

GH IMG_20160323_095328425.jpg
My trip to the Waterloo battlefield, June 2000 – at the end of the month I moved on from Brighton

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