My Pictorial History (8): Epic Poet

JJ 20200618_120257
With my gran, late 2000
JJ 65537512_2382662798725329_1162745658180894720_o.jpg
I began work on Axis & Allies in Royal Tunbridge Wells, early 2001
JJ IMG_20160323_150448143
Stevie Vickers AKA Victor Pope, from Barnsley College, one of my flatmates in Tunbridge Wells
JJ 65713285_2382616892063253_6000763091464224768_n
Revisiting the Tunbridge Wells bookshop in 2019 where I used to buy books to fuel my epic
JJ - IMG_20160104_125436167
In my flat at 34B Camden Road, with Duggie from South Africa
JJ Me - Profile (2).jpg
A profile of DBB done by Kate, early 2001
JJ - IMG_20160323_095502915
The poem wasn’t always called Axis & Allies

JJ IMG_20160323_095446584

JJ IMG_20160323_095433530

JJ Colditz.jpg

JJ IMG_20160323_122917567.jpg

JJ - IMG_20160104_124139953
Meeting up with Kate & Gran in Brighton, 2001
JJ IMG_20200626_201346
Mi mum & mi gran in London, 2001
JJ IMG_20160323_095515181
Squeezing 9-11 into my epic poem began the process of making it VERY epic – October 2001

JJ IMG_20160321_175104327

KK cassino.JPG
On Monte Cassino, Italy
JJ IMG_20160323_152640157
On my return from Italy I began seeing Alice in Tunbridge Wells 
JJ Housing Benefit.jpg
Being overpaid by TW council funded my European composition trips then my journey to India – I think it was the Muses work

IND 2 Gathering-Wood-1024x768.jpg

IND 13 Photo0169.jpg

IND 17 Photo2421-1024x768
Thiruvalluvar statue at Kanyakamari- I would soon begin transcreation his Thirukural
At the feet of Thiruvalluvar 2013)
The copy of Thirukural I picked up in Madurai

IND 5 Photo0213-1024x768

JJ and 2
On the boat to the Andaman Islands – Duncan R) Jimmy Van de Mer R)
JJ and 1.PNG
Jimmy Van de Mer r(ight) on the Andaman Islands
JJ and 3.PNG
Phil, Kate & Steve

JJ Fishermen.JPG

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