My Pictorial History (9): Bohemian

Finishing Axis and And Allies (for now) – June 2002
The onlt relic from my short stay in Leeds, Winter 2002-Spring 2003
KK A Taste of Honey.jpg
I got a part – the black sailor – in A Tasse of Honey, Penrith Theatre, 2003

KK 65742874_2381196688871940_5834589385147809792_o.jpg
London 2004 – I had two squats to myself – Dorothy Road Clapham & Bulwer Court, Leytonstone
KK 2096975
Some of the Gallery / 414 posse, Leytonstone

Inside Clapham Library

KK - do from here.jpg

KK Downing Street.jpg
Sending off Axis and Allies to the powers that be

Partying with Nichola, my friend from Carlise who lived on Bulwer Court and found me the squat

KK IMG_20160321_172847733

Dorothy Road
Fighting my Dorothy Road eviction – Battersea and Chelsea housing associations had merged, but the title deeds didnt have that new name, winning me a couple more months

I had a job as as as a steward – Chelsea and Fulham games

Pay what you like theatre in Battersea on Tuesdays) – it would take the Edinburgh Fringe a few years to catch up with the idea

The legal Kevlar armour of the Section 5 – pinned on the doors of my squats
My London band – Armitage Shanks – I thought wed get free advertsing everytie people went to the toilet until I found out someone was already using the name)

Parting with Charlie in London – a Clitheroe lad moved to the capital who sorted me out lets say

Magic Mushrrom Shaman
One of my girlfriends from the London period (there was a few – I was 27)
On getting kicked out of my squats it was off to Italy –
My sketch of Ostia, near Rome

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