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My Pictorial History 4: Acid Daze

DA IMG_20200623_162307
One of numerous psychedelic sketches & drawings made in 1996 – a year drench’d in LSD

DA IMG_20200626_205731

DA IMG_20200626_205757.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_205847.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_210244

DA IMG_20200626_210703.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_210801

DA IMG_20200626_210846.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_211231

DA IMG_20200626_211017.jpg

DA IMG_20200626_211203.jpg
My ‘contacts’ list in the days before mobile phones
DD IMG_20180531_082721147_HDR.jpg
Off to uni & a Popular Music Studies BA at Barnsley – I moved into 66 Sackville Street – my room was in the attic room above facing the street in the photo
DD IMG_20160323_150238056
Me & Chris Baldy – Kula Shaker is probably on in the background – one of my paintings in the bottom left corner (all are now lost)

DD IMG_20200626_201930

DD IMG_20200626_203340.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203414

DD IMG_20200626_204009.jpg
Forge FM in Sheffield: I used to DJ/MC a late night weekend slot after partying hard

DD IMG_20200626_203506

DD _20200618_120518.jpg

DDA IMG_20200626_211457.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203929
Weekend ‘Wind-Up’ & ‘Wind-Down’ – inbetween was the rave around Sheffield

DD IMG_20200626_203843.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203825

DD IMG_20200626_203800

DD IMG_20200626_203727.jpg

DD IMG_20200626_203619

DD IMG_20200626_203528.jpg


My Pictorial History 3: Carlisle

CC IMG_20160323_154826283
BB IMG_20200626_083410
My first girlfriend, Jane Holdworth, with my beloved Grandma Joan, c.1993
CC - newquay
With Jane, best mate Nicky & a load of Jane’s pals, Newquay 1994
CD _20200615_195328
After Janes dad got a job teaching in Sanqhuar, we set up home in a bedsit together late ’94 – flat 6, 6 Chatsworth Square – from where we attended Carlilse College
One of my earliest paintings
CD _20200618_114228
By Eli

CD 20200618_114205


CD 20200618_114747

CD _20200615_204453
My band, Sphere – top left author, David Mark, top right famous online music teacher Scott Devine

CD _20200618_114502

CD IMG_20200626_204036

CD 20200615_204138

CD _20200618_114631

CD 20200615_205440
A young Byran Dick, future actor, in the audience
After the gig

CD 20200618_114144



CD 20200618_114933

CD 20200618_114913

CD 20200618_114351

CD IMG_20200623_164840

My Pictorial History (2): Burnley Boy

BB rosegrove
Rosegrove Infants, c.1982
BB - Daimo_Medium
7 Arran Street, the family home from 1984-97
BB IMG_20200626_083553
Mum & Dad down the club – bingo & beer

BB IMG_20200626_083656

BB IMG_20200626_083737
Showing off my early football skills at Pwlleli Butlins
BB IMG_20190515_173658723_HDR-EFFECTS
The old, industrial heart of Burnley, beside the River Brun

BB IMG_20200626_200845

BB 20200618_120141

BB _20200618_115432
Under 15s County Schoolboy – the only boy from Burnley that year

BB 20200618_115407

BB IMG_0360
My favorite eaterie ever – Yips Chips on Accy Road – sadly missed!

BB IMG_20200625_223943

Work experience at the Burnley Express, 1992 – I was born a poet, not a journalist (or footballer)

BB _20200618_115716

BB 20200618_120117


BB 20200618_115918


The first XI of the Habergham Sixth Form
BB IMG_20200625_224339
After a few months at Habergham & a bit of strife with mi mum, I dropped out & went to stay with Michel in London for a few months – my wanderings had begun!

My Pictorial Saga (1): My Two Dads

The Life of Damian Beeson Bullen


AA IMG_20160323_154450678.jpg
My Algerian dad, Michel Derileux , London, 1975
aa me and mum
Me & mi mum, Burnley, 1977

aa Toddler Damo (2)

aa hose
The back garden of 54 Melrose Avenue, Stoops Estate
AA _20200618_115739
My Burnley dad (centre back), David Bullen, in the army (UN)


AA - IMG_20141223_220913.jpg

AA IMG_20200626_084117
At mi Mum & Dad’s wedding with my wee cousin Clare – her dad, Jeff Sumner, would go on to be mayor of Burnley
AA _20200618_115816.jpg
Officially adopted – Damian Brett Sumner is now Damian Brett Bullen
AA IMG_20200626_201123
Meanwhile, Michel married a Scot’s lassie from Falkirk & stayed in London
AA - IMG_20141223_221053
Hello my wee sister Aimee, born May 1980
BB IMG_20200626_084048
Fun with mum

AA - 20200615_191802